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Bolney CC v TWCC
12th September 2021
Match report Jim Simon

Good wicket, fast outfield. After a characteristically tight start from TWCC's big 4 bowlers, in which Phil bowled Bolney's No. 1 and Matt found a top edge that went through to Jonathan with the gloves, Bolney's Morris and Jayarathne scored lots of runs. Which brings us on to a public service announcement;
Has anyone seen this man?

If you can help the Gazette with an identification that would be a great help when it comes to future TWCC selection meetings given that this mystery man dropped Morris at long-off off Matt's bowling before he went on to score another 100 runs, and it turned out that this was the single most significant event in the whole afternoon. Bolney didn't appear to have enourmous reserves of batting after the excellent Jayarathne at 4, and Morris' wicket in Matt's first spell would have had WinViz pretty convinced of a TWCC win. As it was, following the dropped catch, Morris and Jayarathne went on to score 184 runs in a convincing third wicket partnership. The value of so many runs was, however, somewhat squandered by the home side who batted all their 42 available overs, scoring hard all the time, which served more to bat TWCC out of the game than increase their chance of winning.
Paul and Jim opened in reply, Jim being run out going for 2 after a fine bit of mock-dawdling in the 7th over, and then the first of the LBW's set in. Tony...shall we say...some considerable way down the sloping pitch, was given out LBW to Chaffey, which brought Tom Firth to the middle who set about a steadying and necessarily dogged innings. Morris' bowling was on the money and slightly curving off down the hill, and Paul and Tom dealt with it very well by the simple expedient of putting their bats in the way. Tom, however, did eventually fall to the slow bowling of Steve Bowles, mysteriously playing on a ball from well outside his off stump, in an innings comprising 20 runs but which, more importatnly, dulled the Bolney blade for 12 overs. Paul meanwhile was soldering on, resistance engraved in his features but nonetheless not turning down runs, and also not getting out. Jonathan at 5 fell to a, and here we have less pussy-footy editorial stance, high LBW decision, and then a sequence of TWCC batters looked, and indeed were, in no trouble at all as the game dawdled to a draw as the 38 overs were done. Matt (14) and Ed (10) came and went, but Tom Rydon ended up on 13 not out along with Rob Saunders whose job it was to walk on with one ball to go, block it, and then walk off again.
It was, in the end, a slightly disappointing game for both sides as it felt as if there was a good game in there trying to get out. Bolney's Morris and Jayarathne saw off all TWCC bowlers (and readers may like to dwell on the Morris drop), but in going for the big total and the glory of high individual scores
it was as if a draw was in the home side's mind all along. And a draw is what they got.
Paul more or less batted through the innings, scoring all along the way, never looking to be in any particular trouble and his 81 looked and must have felt good, and it certainly insulated the TWCC side from possible/probable catastrophic exposure. Shot of the day, however, was not Paul's as Ed takes this coveted award home to look at as he drops off to sleep every night for ever. Anyone who saw the crisp and freely-swung flick to the square leg boundary off his toes for a rocketed four will recall the moment well enough. Every inch a first class cricket shot it was only just not a six and it drew a gasp from the crowd, probably because that's where the cars were parked.

Bolney CC won the toss and chose to bat first. Format: 42/38 Flexidraw
Staplefield Innings: S Weeraratne Bld P Steinke 13; K Morris not out 129; S Bowles Ct J Rowland (Wk) Bld M Edwards 1; H Jayarathne not out 77. DNB B Clemenson, D Bridge, G Sandwith, P Matthews, J Moore, M Madden, D Chaffey. Extras 29 (B3, LB3, W23, NB1) Total 249 for 2 (42 overs).
Fall: 1-51; 2-65.
TWCC Bowling: E Howes 8-0-43-0; T Rydon 7-0-43-0; P Steinke 7-1-27-1; M Edwards 8-0-40-1; R Saunders 7-0-42-0; G Cuthbert 2-0-29-0; J Simon 3-0-20-0.
TWCC Innings: P Hunter Ct, Bld S Weeraratne 81; J Simon run out 17; T Pearce LBW D Chaffey 12; T Firth Bld S Bowles 20; J Rowland LBW B Clemenson 4; M Edwards Bld S Weeraratne 14; T Rydon not out 13; E Howes Ct, Bld B Clemenson 10; R Saunders not out 0. DNB G Cuthbert, P Steinke. Extras 27 (B2, LB3, W19, NB3) Total 198 for 7 (38 overs).
Fall: 1-39; 2-57; 3-103; 4-108; 5-159; 6-184; 7-197.
Bolney CC Bowling: D Chaffey 6-0-37-1; S Weeraratne 8-1-36-2; K Morris 5-0-10-0; B Clemenson 7-0-46-2; S Bowles 5-0-18-1; M Madden 2-0-21-0; H Jayarathne 5-0-24-0.
Match drawn.

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