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Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club have been entertaining Mid Sussex for well over a hundred years, and hope to be going strong in another hundred years, hopefully with many of the current players.
Indeed, though few of their older players are mentioned by name, John Major in his book on the history of the game, tells of a "very strong club at Ockenden Farm between the villages of Cowfoeld and Twineham  playing between 1798 and 1811. At a match in August 1807 the "County" shows Cowfold and Twineham with "Silver Billy" Beldham in its team, as well as the famous all-rounder William Lambert and the long-hitting civil servant EH Budd, one of the leading amateur batsmen of the day. The Cowfold and Twineham club disappears in 1811 without apparent reason, and was never reformed."
Not reformed with Cowfold, maybe, but in 1893 the separate parishes of Twineham and Wineham resolved that their cricket clubs should merge and Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club has been putting ball on bat ever since.
In 2021 TWCC were extremely pleased, and grateful, to be able to occupy their new pavilion, and although visiting traditionalists may miss the exterior facilities, they can, for old times' sake, always undertake to miss the internal ones.
Village cricket is sometimes, from those who, maybe, consider such an accomodating approach to the game to be somewhat beneath them, referred to in rather derogatory terms, but Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club are proud to welcome visiting teams to their wonderful ground where they can be assured of a warm welcome as they play this wonderful game with all village traditions intact.

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