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2021 Season Review

Richard Brock, Club Captain

(2020 P 12, W 11, D 0, L 1)

Last season was extraordinary because of the pandemic.This season was historic.Through the winter we had built a brand new clubhouse, after some 65 years of the previous block built clubhouse. It was kitted out by club members notably Paul, Jim and Jonathan and we were able to move in in the early season. In August it was officially opened by the former England wicket keeper Matt Prior and we had a splendid and celebratory BBQ for the whole village of Twineham, attended by some 80 villagers, club friends and club members. The sun shone and we celebrated.
We have been back to a full season after so many matches had to be scrapped last season. Our results this season have been good: we’ve only lost 2 from 17. Our top order batting has excelled: Paul has had a remarkable season, enjoying the benefits of retirement by playing every game and great scoring. Jim has also played every match and has also had a good scoring season, plus some excellent spells of bowling. Tom Firth has continued to impress in the middle order – and Edward has had a fantastic season with the bat. Our remarkable bowling attack continues with shock and awe – and has been added to greatly by the full return of Phil whose skill and experience are invaluable. The figures tell their own  story. We have a team of specialists, who can also all be described as all-rounders. We bat deep and bowl deep, which is why it’s important to get as many people involved in every match as we can.
(Report concludes below all the stats)

Now we’ve got our lovely pavilion, we need to concentrate on the long term future of the team. We need another couple of regular players. I’m delighted Rob Saunders and Graham have played as many matches as they have – but we still need to strengthen further. Our squad is small and vulnerable to the return of summer holidays. I will be proposing that one person takes this on as a project. 
One other thing for next season: we will tour again. We miss it!!
The Player of the Year Award continues to challenge fine minds. The points system proved curiously divisive – but also difficult because I missed too many matches. There have been a large number of outstanding performances, and a number of players will see this as their finest season in a while.  But one man has stood out. The man who once again had a brilliant season with the bat, frequently rescuing us from a batting abyss. But far more important is his continuing passion for the game, for our team and for our club players. His boyish enthusiasm is infectious and drives on the whole team. The TWCC player of the year goes to Edward Bunn. Congratulations Edward. 

Richard Brock, Captain TWCC
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