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TWCC v Greys

May 14th 2017
Match report Richard Brock

It was 9.22 on Sunday morning.  A beautiful blue sky, warm sunshine, the grass swaying in the breeze.  But was that a cloud on the horizon…. The phone buzzed signalling a text message - `I’m not going to be able to play today Brocky – sorry` This particular player was also bringing a friend – we were down to 9.
9.23 another buzz.  `Brocky I have gone down with man flu, I’m feeling terrible, Tony`
9.30 Oh Lord, another buzz `I told the wife about cricket at a party. She agreed then but it could change…`
To cut a long story short, it was the 9 man remnants of a once healthy TWCC team who hobbled and wheezed their way to the ground to be told the toss had been lost and they were to field for the next two and a half hours -  a situation exacerbated after two balls when Jonathan twanged his groin.  So with just 4 bowlers available and a very limited number of fielders able to run we were going to need tight bowling and wickets.  Ed bowling from the playground end got great pace and made the all important breakthrough, an edge hobbled – sorry – gobbled up by Jonathan.  At the pavilion end, Joe was bowling into the wind and bowling really well, stifling the batsmen.  Ed’s pace was causing all sorts of problems and he too was very economical.  The two of them kept going for an hour, Ed took a second wicket, Joe’s sharp throw to Jonathan led to a run out and Greys were limited to just 43 runs in that first hour, a remarkable feat with just 9 fielders.  Richard took over from Ed and perhaps undeservedly stole the headlines with a hat-trick comprised of a feathered catch to Jonathan, a caught and bowled and a shouldered snick to John Riley at slip.  Suddenly Greys were 6 down and Twineham continued to keep the pressure on.  Honse bowled a good tight spell and picked up a deserved wicket, Tony took a sharp catch at gulley to give the skipper his fourth wicket.  Mark Panther deserves a special mention because the ball seemed to be following him round the field and he did a great job scampering and retrieving.  We had put down a few catches, but this was one TWCC’s great bowling and fielding efforts with just 4 bowlers used and by the end Greys had been limited to 124-8.
Unfortunately tea was ruined because Richard had failed to check the urn was lit – so whilst the food was OK there was no tea!  By the time the urn offered hot water, tea was provided to mark the break between an hour’s batting and the final 20 overs when play was halted for a few minutes.
The batting order presented another challenge.  Jonathan ruled himself out.  James (groin) was hobbling, Tony agreed to join him as opener only so he could go home to his sick bed as soon as he was out.   And we were but 9…. But the human spirit is a remarkable thing – and James and Tony showed plenty of it.  Playing a type of walking cricket, they picked up where the bowlers had left off:  playing a sensible and responsible game, nothing wild.  Putting their ailments to one side they batted out the first hour and took us almost half way to our target before James was caught.  They’d seen off numerous bouncers, some good spin bowling and adversity.  But John and Ed both followed swiftly and at 68-3 things looked precarious.  However Tony battled on and with useful support from Richard, they put on 46 for the 4th wicket and took us to 11 runs from victory.  But this remarkable match had one more twist.  Tony was out for a magnificent 65 leaving Joe and Honse the responsibility to see us home, with only Mark still left to bat.  But see us home they did and they completed one of TWCC’s finest wins, in the context of available and fit players.  It was a victory of for great teamwork – and I should add that was the same off the pitch too – the players even cleared up and washed up for Richard while he was batting.   We may be a small club, but by jeepers, we can sometimes be quite remarkable and this was just one of those occasions.

12th Dog - though unused, one of TWCC's better fielders

Greys won the toss and elected to bat
Greys innings: Line run out (J Panther) 4; Brasher Ct WK (Rowland) Bld Howes 10; Flinn Ct WK (Rowland) Bld R Brock 38; Ashton Ct T Pearce Bld Howes 0; Burgess not out 29; Edwards Ct and Bowled R Brock 0; Dykes Ct Riley Bld Brock 0; McHugh Bld Karvay 10; Gallagher Ct T Pearce Bld R Brock 11; Newland not out 8.
TOTAL 124-8
TWCC BOWLING: Howes 11-3-31-2; Brock 12-2-34-4; Panther 8-1-15-0; Karvay 8-1-39-1.
TWCC INNINGS: J Trollope Ct, Bld McHugh 22; T Pearce Bld Ashton 65; J Riley LBW McHugh 6; E Howes Ct WK Bld McHugh 0; R Brock Bld Ashton 20; H Karvay not out 3; J Panther not out 0.
TOTAL 128 – 5 DNB M Panther, J Rowland
Fall 58-1, 68-3, 68-4, 114-5, 121-2
Greys bowling: Gallagher 7-1-22-0; Newland 8-2-17-0; Dykes 6-0-21-0; McHugh 10-0-29-3; Ashton 5.1-1-19-2.
TWCC win by 3 wickets


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