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TWCC v Brighton Beamers
TWCC v Streat and Westmeston
TWCC v Bolney CC
18th September
Match report Richard Brock
There’s little so annoying in life to write a full and contemporaneous cricket report only to discover a fortnight later that your ageing laptop has deleted it:  like a good innings, it is a crafted and artistic piece of work – impossible to replicate.  So to those who need words of adulation for their performance in this match my apologies – I can only say that your performance, whilst masterful at the time, may not stand the test of time.
Streat won the toss on a cloudy but mild Sunday:  we were playing the 80 overs combination – and Streat chose to bat against a strong looking TWCC side – indeed so strong that in this weirdest of all seasons, we chose from a squad of 17 available players.  Tom opened up from the far end – speedy but failing to test the batsman often enough.  Jim bowled well from the pavilion end but to no avail.  But when Matt Edwards replaced Tom, we had two quick wickets – real cricket, both caught by Jonathan behind the stumps.  Unfortunately this brought N Green to the wicket – an annoyingly pleasant sort of chap, just the sort of person you don’t want to make lots of runs, because you can’t generate the dislike you can against arrogant or mouthy batters.  So Mr Green settled into his task of gentle destruction of the TWCC bowling.  Whilst Matt – who bowled a really excellent spell and thoroughly deserved his 3 wickets - and skipper Brock chipped away at the other end, he kept going becoming ever more explosive.  It was only when he reached 90 that Honse – who was in the midst of one of his really excellent spells of bowling – finally got him caught by Tony.  Honse went on to take 3 more wickets but the damage had been done:  what looked to be a match where we were in control ended with Streat just 3 short of 200.  Boy were we in need of a good tea.  And in many ways, this is where the story really begins.  Tony Pearce, who the previous year had supplied a glorious tea thanks to contracting out to the next-door pensioner, was denied the opportunity to follow the same route because James had been somewhat critical – which the old lady picked up on Facebook or some such thing.  So Tony (and he claims Jan – which I find hard to believe)  put together a tea lacking in two main areas:  quality and quantity.  Poorly filled sandwiches which actually ran out before both teams had gone through -–perhaps because there were no nibbles to help.  A few packets of crisps and two cakes between two cricket teams!  It was roundly condemned as one of the poorest teas in TWCC history, certainly the first which actually ran out before the first pass.  The openers went out – clearly upset by the experience – and James was caught for just 3, Paul for 12.  It was left to Tony himself to try to make amends and in fairness it was a good innings, a series of fours and a six until he fell caught behind on 41.  By that time we were 81-3 and the game was in the balance.  Jonathan dug in for 22, Matt looked good for his 11 and Jim deserved more back up as he handsomely deposited the ball into the gang of `Simons` who were picnicking on the boundary edge.  But TWCC fell away badly and faced with the option of  the now infamous `ball-tapping` of two years previous against Streat, the team played to win… and lost.   Still, the pub was great – a near full turnout - and it was really good to see Steve and Dave come along at tea - it would have been nice to reward their attendance with either a decent tea or a decent innings but we managed neither.

TWCC lost the toss and were asked to field
Streat Batting: D Christmas Ct Rowland (wk) Bld Edwards    27; M Porter Ct Rowland Bld Edwards 10;N Green Ct Pearce Bld Karvay 90; D Jackson Ct Rowland Bld Edwards 10; D Porter Ct Edwards Bld Brock 5;J Funnell Ct Hunter Bld Brock 12; B Baxter Ct Brock Bld Karvay 3; H Freeman Ct Simon Bld Karvay 0; C Pick Bld Karvay 6;M Hartfield not out 1; S Speigal not out 4. TOTAL 197-9 42 overs.
TWCC BOWLING: T Rydon 5-1-30-0; J Simon 7-1-23-0; M Edwards 11-2-39-3; E Bunn 4-0-22-0; R Brock 7-1-29-2; H Karvay 5-0-27-4; T Firth 3-0-18-0.   
TWCC Batting: P Hunter Ct wk Bld Funnell 12; J Trollope Ct, Bld Harfield 3; T Pearce Ct wk Bld Pick 41; J Rowland Bld Pick 22; H Karvay DNB; M Edwards Ct, Bld Freeman 11; E Bunn Ct wk Bld Freeman 3; J Simon Not out 21; T Rydon Bld Freeman 0; T Firth Bld Freeman 0; R Brock Ct, Bld Spiegal 2. TOTAL 127 all out (29.2 OVERS).
Streat Bowling: M Hartfield 8-1-57-1; Funnell 7-0-44-1; Pick 6-0-19-2; Freeman 7-0-18-4; Spiegal 1.2-0-6-1.

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TWCC v Brighton Beamers
25th September 2016
Match report Richard Brock
And so the final match of a testing season arrived and we had 10 players available for the visit of Brighton Beamers.  Beamers limbered up and – speaking as one who knows one – it was clear they were a team who had been together a lot of years.  They don’t play much cricket these days – I believe this was their 4th match of the season – and they happily agreed with our experimental match variant of 35 overs with the chasing team able to claim a draw only if they score at least 2/3 of the score.  We were delighted to have Rob available for this his record turnout in one season as he gradually realises where his future lies – and he went out and made hay in the late season sunshine.  Oh yes, James was the other opener.  Rob’s innings was full of fine shots, one ball deposited in a garden, another in the field.  It was a batting masterclass.  The 50 partnership came up Rob 48, James 1, extras 1.  And the merriment continued past 100 to a mighty first wicket stand of 127 when Rob – by this time on 90, was caught and left the field to hearty applause.  James departed on the same  score for 28 – and Tom Carthew, a useful looking cricketer and friend of Reese made a useful 28.  But it was the return of the prodigal – Reese himself – after a few weeks of childminding and it’s alleged, sulking, that invigorated the end of the innings.  He was in imperious form and hit a fine and rather large six into the field as he powered his way to 50, accompanied at the end by Tony who hit a succession of fine fours.  The score of 241-4 from 35 overs looked more than enough.  We enjoyed a fine tea – for a team still shell shocked from the previous week’s effort.  It was courtesy of a wives’ collective – notably Liz and Fenella - plus friends and it was a triumph, everything a real cricket tea should be and plentiful.  We opened up with Tom and Honse – based on their bowling the previous week.  Neither were able to break through as Beamers started strongly.  Edward was brought on and broke through, though was expensive.  At this stage, Beamers were on course not just to draw but even to overhaul the TWCC score.  But Rob and Richard both bowled tightly and the match swung back our way, though it was clear that a win was unlikely bar a late flurry of wickets.  So the bowling floodgates opened and in the closing overs, every outfield player turned their arm.  But full credit to Beamers they batted well, kept us out and made 199-3.  Match drawn, everyone happy, pub – and a shout once again to Liz and Fenella for a super tea.  On now to the season’s figures….

TWCC Innings: R Rydon ct Benfield B Siddens 90; J Trollope ct Rigby, Bld Esson 28; H Karvay Stumped B Eaton 1; T Carthew Ct Rigby B Siddens 28; R Packham not out 52; T Pearce not out 29. TOTAL 241-4 (35 OVERS)
Fall: 127/1,127/2, 156/3, 166/4.
Brighton Beamers Bowling
Renshaw 6-2-31-0; Smith 7-2-37-0; Esson 6-3-36-1, Benfield 3-0-21-0; Siddens 5-0-47-2; Eaton 4-0-25-0; Rigby 2-0-30-0; Chafey 2-0-7-0.
Brighton Beamers Innings: N Chafey LBW Bunn 43; R Rigby Bld R Rydon 59; T Hutchison St Rowland (wk) Bld T Pearce 52; R Wolf Pieterson not out 11. TOTAL 199-3 (35 OVERS)
Fall: 66, 112, 177
TWCC Bowling: T Rydon 7-0-32-0; H Karvay 4-0-21-0; Bunn 4-0-38-1; R Rydon 6-0-21-1; Brock 7-1-28-0; J Trollope 3-0-25-0; T Pearce 2-0-13-1; Packham 1-0-5-0; T Carthew 1-0-10-0.
Match Drawn

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