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TWCC v Greys May 9th 2021
Match Report Jim Simon

TWCC is a lucky club. Not only do we have our magnificent new pavilion safely embedded in the NW corner of the pitch, a facility we have yet to be able to fully enjoy, but also, now, the front of the new building is graced by a wonderful clock. Jane Veaney and Dave, Fanny, Adam and Kate Jones let it be known that they'd be very pleased to contribute something towards the future of the club, and they bought us a clock. This was our first home game of the season and so was TWCC's first opportunity to thank them for the gift. No longer will there be any doubt about how late the game is starting or when tea is due as this lovely clock can be seen for miles. Very many thanks.

Jane, Adam, Dave and Fanny being thanked by Brocky and the club

But TWCC's good fortune doesn't stop there because Dave Rogers and family have given us a (very comfy) wooden bench, inscribed with the names of two of our most valued members and players.

We'll sit on this bench in the sun for many years, looking across the pitch towards the oak tree planted in memory of Steve, and think of all the good times we've had in company with the Rogers family, and the club thanks them very much for their gift.

The club would also like to thank Mike of the Royal Oak in Wineham, for the gift of a scoreboard. It may come as a surprise to some, but there has been an association between Twineham and Wineham CC and the Royal Oak going back to the club's actual creation in 1893, which merger of the two village sides was agreed upon over a pint or two at the Oak some 128 years ago. Mike's gift is further proof that the cricket club is very fortunate in its friends.

                      An improbable rate of scoring...

TWCC owes a lot of thanks as it embarks on the 2021 season, and looks forward to being able to repay the generosity of its supporters by providing some sporting life for participants and/or residents to enjoy over the years ahead.

So many gifts, and a further one was a captive crowd who found they couldn't decently leave right away and who had to pretend to enjoy watching us play cricket!
Greys won the toss and put TWCC in to bat. Paul and Jim once again took on the opening bowling, and for once it was Paul who minded his P's and Q's whilst Jim ignored the MCC manual and bashed his way to a chance-ridden 28 off 19 balls. Totally inappropriate opening batting... Paul sadly retired with a gammy leg and a more circumspect 36 to his name, leaving the rest of the team to step up and do the business. Which may or may not have happened.
The problem was that The Mighty Greys became mightier as they ran through their bowling line up, and it might have been a good idea for the home side not to get out so often. There were good shots, boundaries even, people had their chances, but what was required, and this goes back to the Jim's gung-ho-ness, was application. In short, with some excellent bowling from the Greys, TWCC finished on 149 off 38.3 overs. It was more or less time for tea, so one couldn't deny that TWCC had perfectly matched the batting line up with the end of the allotted time, but another 30 runs would have helped. From the sidelines it certainly looked as if the Greys' bowling became more potent as the game went on, and Sewell (3 for 38) and particularly Ashton's 4 for 8 really were exceptionally good.

Edward in the act of missing an unplayable delivery from Ashton

Brocky smoothing a boundary through the on side

But let's not be downhearted! TWCC's opening bowling gave rise to the hope - nay, belief - that 149 might prove to be enough! Ed and Tom R were tremendous; charging in, ripping stumps out of the ground, giving chances to Tony's kneecap. 0 for 2 anyone? 43 for 4? Game on! Ed and Tom were devastating and they really could not have set TWCC up any better, especially with some excellent fielding from all and especially Rob Saunders in the gully whose determination saved several runs and kept spirits high and the game's trajectory in the home side's favour. But Ed and Tom couldn't bowl forever, and credit here must go to the skip who exposed himself as first change. Bowling to the hard-hitting middle order, and not to the tail, he came up with the goods in a fine spell of 3 for 31 off 7 overs as he took out the impressive Day (33) and then Burgess and Fenton for not much. Rob S struggled a little with his run up, but once sorted he was back on it only to run into the reality of how the Greys had managed their resources. Ashton, with Newland, confidently steadied the ship and calmly ran the overs down requring first five, then four then three per over (approx) as they struck out with increasing effect. Jim's economical three overs for 8 steadied the ship but then even a resurgent Ed and Tom R couldn't stop the Greys train from hurtling to a victory with 15 balls to spare. Ashton ended on 61 not out and, with bowling figures of 4 for 8 off 6.3 overs his obvious prowess with bat and ball was clearly the determining factor in this match.
This was a properly good game of cricket, hard fought and won by the better team. TWCC certainly needed at least 30 more runs, and this game was a wake up call - possibly needed at the start of a new season - for the batsmen to apply themselves with more care (note to self). Or, maybe, the opposition could provide worse bowling.

Greys won the toss and chose to field first. 
TWCC Innings: P Hunter retired hurt 36; J Simon ct Edwards bld Newland 28; T Pearce ct Brasher bld Flynn 11; J Rowland ct Fenton (wkt) bld Sewell 9; E Bunn bld Ashton 10; T Firth bld Sewell 11; R Brock ct Day bld Sewell 19; H Karvay ct Hoare bld Ashton 4; T Rydon ct Day bld Aston 0; R Saunders bld Ashton 5; E Howes not out 5. Extras 11 (B3, LB5, W3) Total 149 for 9 declared (38.3 overs).
Fall: 1-46; 2-72; 3-92; 4-93; 5-113; 6-123; 7-139; 8-139, 9-149.
Greys Bowling: Newland 6-2-20-1; Hoare 4-0-32-0; Day 5-0-24-0; Flynn 7-1-16-1; Sewell 10-4-38-3; Ashton 6.3-1-8-4.
Greys Innings: Brasher bld Howes 0; Line bld T Rydon 12; Edwards ct Rowland (wkt) bld Howes 0; Day bld R Brock 33; Flynn ct Rowland (wkt) bld T Rydon 2; Burgess ct Saunders bld R Brock 2; Fenton bld R Brock 9; Ashton not out 61; Newland not out 19. Extras 12 (B1,LB4, W7).
Fall: 1-0; 2-0; 3-33; 4-43; 5-56; 6-61; 7-78.
TWCC Bowling: E Howes 11.3-1-50-2; T Rydon 10-1-25-2; R Brock 7-0-31-3; R Saunders 5-1-31-0; J Simon 3-0-8-0.
Greys win by 3 wickets.

Do we want the controversy?
At the risk of embarking on a path we all come to regret, it has been suggested that the end of season Player of the Season award be decided on an accumulation of points given to players who have caught the skipper's eye during each game - a sort of autocrat-driven FedEx Cup for cricket. I understand bribes are perfectly acceptable. At most we can hope this ends peacefully and that the Skipper's humbling modesty prevents the worst from happening.
The Gazette's hotline rang on Tuesday and the Skipper annonced the POTS points he's minded to award so far. Please understand the Gazette is only following orders.

Game 1: Staplefield v TWCC May 2nd.
    3 Points: Tom Firth, Ed Howes
    2 points: Tom Rydon, Edward Bunn, Richard Brock
    1 point: Jonathan, Tony

Game 2:TWCC v Greys May 9th.
    3 points: Nobody!
    2 points: Ed Howes, Tom Rydon, Richard Brock
    1 point: Paul Hunter, Rob Saunders

POTS Table:
    1st:    5 pts - Ed Howes
    2nd:  4 pts - Tom Rydon, Richard Brock
    3rd:   3 pts: Tom Firth
    4th:    2 pts: Edward Bunn
    5th:    1 pt: Jonathan Rowland, Tony Pearce, Paul Hunter

Obviously there are more modern ways of producing this in tabular self-regulating spreadsheety ways, but here at the Gazette we only have access to ancient technology.

Readers can contact the Editor via email as long it's complimentary about the Gazette or, indeed, the Editor