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TWCC V Warninglid

11th August 2019
Match Report Jim Simon

After a week of gales and rain, bar a couple of light squalls the afternoon on game day was dry and bright. TWCC were up against a typically capable but only nine-strong Warninglid team, but although they were short in number they looked long enough, as always, on ability. Warninglid, with their characteristic sprinkling of league players are always a side to be reckoned with. And, look out! Warninglid's John Swinscoe arrived on a Moto Guzzi! What a player he must be!

Oh yes! Imagine barreling along, wind in your hai... barreling along in the wind

Have I lost or gained readers? Probably steady I'd say.
Given the absence of several regular players, Skipper Panther had done well with assistance from all around, to draw together an excellent TWCC side including, for the first time this season, Jonathan R and President Jones. There was a brief chat between skippers in the middle, with tree explanations and vague boundaries no doubt part of it, and a sort of no-toss agreement that TWCC would bat first emerged. No problem.
Paul and Jim togged up and off they went, seeing off a sequence of bowlers and even scoring some runs. With Paul scoring a bit quicker than Jim - naturally, given their relative abilities - the runs built nicely as this athletic pair scampered many quick 1's and 2's as well as making the most of any poorer balls. Drinks at 20 overs came and went with the score on 106 for 0, and a good platform had been set.
Jim was the first to go to a swinging full-length ball; 49 his personal contribution to a first wicket partnership of 117, then Paul was caught on 65 shortly afterwards with the TWCC total on 125 for 2. This left a useful 14 overs for the TWCC collapse - but keen observers of this phenomenon were to be disappointed as, whilst batters did come and go, runs were accumulating all the time. Charlie swiped a cool 19, then Mikey -TWCC's very own Jason Roy - looked dominant but was undone somewhat by the strong southerly wind that stalled the ball into Reilly's capable grasp at long on; out for 14. But these runs all add up, and Jonathan's 9, Dave Jones' 2, and even George's single run might have proved to be important by the end of the day. But there's more; Joe had kept back plenty of power for the end of the allotted 40 overs, and his own 16 (three quick 4's), together with Tom's 10 and Ed's 16 added a powerful punch to the end of the TWCC innings that took the score up to an impressive 216 for 8. Five of those eight wickets fell to the excellent John Swinscoe, he of Moto Guzzi fame, who bowled a simple but clearly effective line and length that proved too tempting or too good in equal measures. Did I mention his Moto Guzzi?
Everything in Joe's master plan had worked out; TWCC's good base to the innings with wickets in hand had left an opportunity for the rest of the team to swing the bat - especially as the 40 overs played out, and Paul's (second) tea of the season probably tasted better to the home side than it did to the "'Lid."
TWCC's time to bowl and Joe had a plan for this too. A good plan, and that plan was to open the bowling with Phil. How good to see Phil back hurling the ball down from two paces, finding that length that is all his own. Did Warninglid's crack batters get on top of Phil's bowling? Of course not! And neither were they finding anything simple about facing Tom from his favoured Pavilion End. Phil's perfect awkward length gave Warninglid just 12 runs off his 6 overs, and Tom's in-swinging guided missiles in both his spells cost just 20 runs off an allotted 8 overs during which time he took 2 top order wickets. Tom's bowling, especially into the prevailing wind which seems only enhance the swinging penetration he achieves, is truly in a purple patch. Ed, held back until after Phil's excellent spell, also gave nothing away as is his wont which must have been a worrying surprise to the visitors, and his 8 overs for 28 with 3 wickets to his name (including his own running catch somewhere in the outfield off his own bowling and a sharply taken catch at mid-off from Phil) simply meant there was little hope for Warninglid unless something radical occurred. But all TWCC could offer in this vein was a few creaky overs from Jim followed by somewhat better-oiled offerings from Joe, Dave and George which did give the scorer something to do, but not enough to bring anything like hope to the visiting side. Great to see Dave getting a wicket thanks to a high-energy sprint to mid-wicket from Jonathan, and Tom's calmly taken but tricky catch in the deep also gave George something in the wicket's column. Mikey's one over of spin deserves a mention; more or less all the deliveries landed on the short stuff, and his 1 for 1 off 1 is now nothing short of a worry for the rest of the season.
Warninglid were all out in the 34th over, some 74 runs short of TWCC's 216.
A well-paced batting performance followed by some g
reat bowling from TWCC's A-list with Ed and Tom removing 5 top order batters between them, canny skippering from Joe combined with excellent all round performances from the whole side sent us to the pub with little need for further cheer.

Toss negotiated due to Warninglid having 9 players, TWCC batted first. 40 overs game, no nice draws available. Some weird Last Man Stands thing was agreed. It did happen but nothing much came of it which is just as well as I've no idea what was going on but I know it wasn't cricket.
TWCC Innings: P Hunter Ct Clarke Bld Blake 65; J Simon Bld Frankham 49; C Howes Ct Mackie Bld Swinscoe 19; M Pearce Ct Reilly Bld Swinscoe 14; J Rowland Ct Mackie Bld Swinscoe 9; D Jones Bld Swinscoe 2; J Panther Bld Swinscoe 16; G Howes Ct Blake Bld Parsons 1;
T Rydon Not Out 10; E Howes Not Out 16. DNB P Steinke. Extras 15 (B 6, LB 1, W 4, NB 4) Total 216 for 8, 40 overs.
Fall: 1-117; 2-125; 3-154; 4-166; 5-169; 6-174; 7-175; 8-192.
Warninglid Bowling: Blake 8-0-34-1; Acton 7-1-30-0; Clarke 6-0-46-0; Mackie 3-0-21-0; Frankham 8-2-26-1; Swinscoe 6-0-32-5; Parsons 2-0-18-1.
Warninglind Innings: J Reilly Ct C Howes Bld T Rydon 8; J Frankham-Eade Ct P Steinke Bld E Howes 21; M Nastys Bld T Rydon 0; C Mackie Ct & Bld E Howes 29; A Parsons Ct P Hunter Bld J Simon 9; R Clarke Bld E Howes 1; S Acton Ct J Rowland (Wk) Bld D Jones 35; M Blake Ct T Rydon Bld G Howes 20; J Swinscoe Bld M Pearce 3. Extras 15 (B 2, LB 3, W 10) Total 142 all out 33.5 overs.
Fall: 1-9; 2-11; 3-39; 4-50; 5-53; 6-78; 7-120; 8-127; 9-142.
TWCC Bowling: P Steinke6-1-12-0; T Rydon 8-2-20-2; E Howes 8-0-28-3; J Simon 4-0-16-1; J Panther 3-0-28-0; D Jones 2-0-16-1; G Howes 1.5-0-15-1; M Pearce 1-0-1-1.
TWCC win by 74 runs.

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