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Cuckfield CC v TWCC July 18th 2021
Match report Jim Simon

A very hot day. Very very hot, especially running about in full batting gear which is the situation Paul and Jim found themselves in after Brocky won the toss and chose to bat first. Cuckfield's well-deserved reputation for bringing on fine players as they progress through the age groups is well known, and this youthful side, skippered by the ever youthful Meader, proved to be no exception as S Hatt and A Sheldon set about getting the new ball to talk. In spite of probably being the pick of the bowlers, Hatt ended up wicketless, and it was Sheldon who nipped the bails off the top of Paul's middle stump with a delivery Paul failed to pick up in the shimmering heat. Up to this point Paul and Jim had survived pretty well largely by not engaging with the bowling, but with just 17 on the board and Paul walking off it became somehwat imperative to do something about scoring some runs. This thought was in Jim's mind when he went to sweep the slow bowling of Meader but his bat was nowhere near horizontal and the ball slipped beneatht the bat and onto his stumps. The reliable Tom Firth was joined first by Matt Edwards and then by the impressive new recruit Tom Harvey-Jones and the score began to advance as Cuckfield went through their bowlers in search of someone who might offer less of a challenge. Tom F was his usual self, making good decisions on his way to a fine 35 before he was caught off the bowling of Meader, and Tom H-J also very much looked the part before he was brilliantly caught at mid-off. However it was clear that there are no makeweights in Cuckfield's arsenal and the general standard of bowling remained high, and, indeed, too potent for TWCC's batters, with one exception, to endure for long as the overs ticked by. Edward it was who began to hit some big shots off his pads, and even, on several occasions, skipping down the wicket to create boundary-bound half-volleys which rocketed to the rope at mid-wicket/mid-on before he, too, was out, caught, for 40 priceless runs. Brocky, possibly just the man for this crisis, was run out for 0, and whilst there was some resisistance down the order from Tom R and Matt B the truth is that as a side we were, on the day, somewhat below par in the face of some good to honest talented bowling.
The Cuckfield reply to TWCC's 128 all out was emphatic. The opening batters, one of whom apparently opens the bowling and bats at 10 for the Cuckfield first team, soon had us flouting the Highway Code as 6's rained down on the Sunday traffic, and Tom Rydon's pace only added velocity to the ball as it made its repeated way down the hill to the roundabout. Phil was his usual quality self, predictably bowling the only maiden of the Cuckfield innings, but TWCC took no wickets at all as both openers retired on 50 to give someone else a go and the game was wrapped up in 17.1 overs. Matt Brock did force a couple of top edges that might (cough) on another day have been taken, but other than that there were few bowling highlights that stand out.
Cuckfield's young side were too accomplished in all departments for TWCC on the day. Our batting didn't progress very far, and the truth is that whatever total we might have achieved, one is bound to say that Cuckfield would have overhauled it. The home side were gracious in victory, and if there is a positive to take from this game it is to observe with local pride that the game, in the care of sides such as Cuckfield, is in very good hands.

TWCC won the toss and chose to bat first
TWCC Innings: P Hunter Bld A Sheldon 7; J Simon Bld Meader 13;  T Firth Ct, Bld Meader 35; M Edwards Bld Meader 4; T Harvey-Jones Ct, Bld Hatt 3; E Bunn Ct, Bld Gordon 40; R Brock Run Out 0; T Rydon Bld Gordon 8; M Brock Bld Barker 12; G Cuthbert Ct, Bld Downey 0; P Steinke Not Out 0. Extras 6 (B2, LB2, W2) Total 128 all out (37.2 overs).
Fall: 1-17; 2-49; 3-55; 4-66; 5-66; 6-68; 7-98; 8-124; 9-128; 10-128.
Cuckfield Bowling: S Hatt 7-3-15-0; A Sheldon 5-0-11-1; Meader 7-0-29-3; A Hatt 6-2-9-1; S Sheldon 5-0-26-0; I Gordon 6-0-34-2; T Barker 1-1-0-1; Downey 0.2-0-0-1.
Cuckfield Innings: Conner not out (ret'd) 50; T Barker not out (ret'd) 50; J Downey not out 17; D Scar not out 5. Extras 3 (B1, W2) Total unrecorded, but enough, for 0 wkts off 17.1 overs.
TWCC Bowling: T Rydon 5-0-43-0; P Steinke 4-1-19-0; M Brock 2-0-21-0; M Edwards 2-0-16-0; T Harvey-Jones 2.1-0-15-0; G Cuthbert 2-0-13-0.
Cuckfield win by 10 wkts.

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Hurstpierpoint CC v TWCC v Lindfield July 16th 2021
Poor Report Jim Simon

TWCC, for precipitatory reasons, haven't played cricket for weeks on end, and indeed the last time they took to the field against Henfield the game was only a few overs old before it was abandoned as more rain fell. The Gazette ought to report that Ed did bowl someone out before the covers were fetched on, but other than that there was little to report from that outing.
Roll on to Friday 17th July and we find that Ed, our hard-working fixtures guru, had secured a 20:20 game, starting at 6pm, for TWCC against Hurstpierpoint CC, and, what's more, had arranged for some summer weather. However, it is only 20:20 and not proper cricket, so the match naturally doesn't merit the full Gazette treatment, other than to say how good it was to play something a bit like cricket and to have Joe P back in the fold, with all his energy and general gravitas.

Joe ramps it up, but this is later after TWCC had bowled

So, Ed lost the toss (I think) and Hurst were batting, and their opening pair were clearly able and up for it. We did some bowling, and some fielding, and even some catching, and Hurst scored 138 in their 20 overs. Phil opened the bowling to great effect, and came back to take a wicket near the end and ended on 1 for 13 off four overs, Tom tried all sorts of innovations which, as a rule, are tried out in the privacy of ones home, Rob S got 2 for 9 in a fine couple of overs, other people bowled - oh yes, we met Greg who fielded like a ...er... fielder and who bowled pretty feisty stuff once his radar kicked in, and stuff happened.

So then TWCC batted, and Paul carved up their openers in a proper left-handed Jason Roy impersonation, and Joe, his opening partner, kept his end up. Paul scored his limit of around 30 in very quick time which set up a calmer chase with some truly good strokes out through the covers and the odd six behind square. Joe's eye was in and he pulled a few big runs before being bowled by a 12 year old, then Rob reached his proscribed limit with some elegant glances and powerful pulls. Edward top-edged a pull to somewhere behind leg or to the keeper, Jim flounced about and tried to serially run out both Jonathan and himself, and this pair took the score to the required 138 with a couple of overs to spare. Here - take a look.

Too difficult with a wonky book from when Ed wasn't sitting there with the pencil. Maybe he shouldn't play at all, and then we could have perfect scorebooks for both inningseses.
TWCC win by getting the runs before they were out or the overs ran out. Er... 8 wkts? 1 run?

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