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TWCC v Streat and Westmeston

22nd September 2019
Match Report Jim Simon

Do you know, dear readers, my muse has somewhat left me in the lurch. I started this on Monday, and have had a crack at it every day, but my brain just isn't able to access the usual tripe and so, for once, we're going minimal here at the gazette. The game was a perfectly interesting one, and we all really like playing our old friends of Streat and Westmeston, and there was plenty of incident, but the trouble is that sometimes it can become slightly difficult to come up with the flummery around the events to tie it all together into Pulitzer material.
So; weather iffy, but ultimately no problem. Brocky won the toss and TWCC fielded first. Ed, then Matt opened, both with the usual fire. Ed took the first wicket, LBW, and then Colin Mansfield and Murray Barnes rather settled in, Colin in particular playing like a man in an end of season groove. First change brought on Rob who climbed in with two wickets, clean bowling Colin (can't remember details... sorry) and then, causing Murray to glove a classic short fast ball through to Jonathan behind the timbers. Colin's 53 was the meat of the Streat & W innings up to this point and with him gone there seemed to be little danger of the game getting away from TWCC. Hah!!!
Jim offered his usual humdrum stuff, and Brocky bowled his testing length and line taking a wicket as Jonathan held on to a very high ball running to mid-wicket, but all in all, TWCC had the visitors just where they wanted even though Archie Bell seemed worryingly capable of making trouble. Honza, Hugo and Graham bowled a few overs, and it was Honza's fault that TWCC ended up facing 198 to win because it was he who held on to a difficult high, long catch to get rid of Rob Eastwood off Graham's bowling that brought Harry Freeman to the crease at No. 7. Oh deary me. Oh deary deary me...
With T20 disregard for the bowling, Harry strode about the wicket, getting the balls into his arc and smacking them into his choice of field. Honse had a valiant and nearly successful crack at hanging on to what would have been a flat six at straight mid-off, but Harry was too much for the home side, and Archie was doing his own bit of damage too. Poor Ed came back on to get his figures mauled and, to his credit, so did Brocky albeit with less in the way of damage, but there was little TWCC could do and the score shot up from 120 for 5 in the 29th over to 197 when tea arrived at 36 overs after Harry had his 50 off 26 balls.
With some wounds to lick we settled down to Rob's signature smooth gourmet sandwiches backed up with decadent brownies and virtuous fruit, but with the light always an issue at this time of year it was soon time for Jim and Rob to head the middle and after 12 overs one of them was keeping up with the required run rate of around 5 an over. Rob was on a masterful 41 (Jim 13), and all TWCC needed was for Rob not to get out, which was a shame. Having been in no trouble, and with him and Jim running about pretty well, Rob tried to knock a fuller ball down to short leg for a single to keep the strike but John Hawkins' off-break did turn and it beat Rob's bat and a bail was removed. Veteran TWCC fans felt a little ill at this point.
Jim followed soon after Rob to a skiddy faster ball from Harry Freeman, and Jonathan made a quality 11 before hitting a ball up into Archie Bell's hands in the covers (is that right? Can't remember if I remember that or I'm making it up.)
Matt looked truly excellent with the bat, and a consecutive brace of powerful back-foot punches to the cover-point boundary stay in the mind. Edward, as usual, was in little trouble, but then he played an uppish shot, which brought Brocky to the crease. Often Richard comes in to bat with a skipper's mix of defiance and winning intent and this was one of those occasions and a half-forward drive through mid-on that burst through the fielder's hands and still made it the boundary for four, was, along with Matt's cover-point square drives, a contender for TWCC shot of the day. Tom F, who with Brocky, put on an initially win-threatening 38 runs at a reasonable rate, once again looked super reliable with the bat, and he has been, in all roles asked of him, a great asset over the season. Brocky fell for 26, though, after the attempt at a win had subsided and the game was more or less safe. In and out came and went Ed, and it was left to Hugo to survive a ball and then, with the game safe, to stride down the wicket and clip an excellent single to get off the mark. Tom finished his thoroughly crickety innings of 15 with a couple of runs and off we went to the pub.
After Colin's excellent start to the game for Streat, and then Archie's and, particularly, Harry's onslaught at the end of their innings, the target for TWCC was always going to be a toughy. Rob set about it in good heart and with great style, but in spite of his, Matt's, Brocky's and Tom's best efforts there just wasn't time to get near Streats total.
Let's hope this game wasn't the last of the season, but the forecast for Sunday looks less promising the closer we get to it...

TWCC won the toss and opted to bowl first.
Streat and W Innings:  Innings: C Mansfield Bld R Rydon 53; N Buttler LBW E Howes 2; M Barnes Ct J Rowland (Wk) Bld R Rydon 15; R Eastwood Ct H Karvay Bld G Cuthbert 14; C Marshall Ct J Rowland (Wk) Bld R Brock 10; A Bell not out 31; H Freeman not out 50. DNB J Hawkins, L Maysey, J Porter, S Spiegel. Extras 22 (W 7, LB 3, W 12) Total 197 for 5 (36 overs).
Fall: 1-26, 2-65, 3-82, 4-96, 5-120.
TWCC Bowling: M Edwards 6-1-26-0; E Howes 7-2-50-1; R Rydon 4-0-23-2; J Simon 4-0-15-0; R Brock 5-0-20-1; H Karvay 4-0-16-0; H Riley 4-0-24-0; G Cuthbert 2-0-13-1.
TWCC Innings: J Simon LBW H Freeman 13; R Rydon Bld J Hawkins 41; J Rowland Ct A Bell Bld J Hawkins 11; M Edwards Ct R Eastwood Bld L Maysey 19; E Bunn Ct A Bell Bld J Rawlins 2; R Brock Ct L Maysey Bld M Barnes 26; T Firth not out 15; E Howes Ct & Bld L Maysey 0; H Riley not out 1. DNB H Karvay, G Cuthbert. Extras 18 (B 6, LB 2, W 9, NB 1) Total 146 for 7 (36 overs).
Fall: 1-62, 2-62, 3-78, 4-82, 5-104, 6-142, 7-143.
Streat and W Bowling: C Marshall 4-0-24-0; R Eastwood 4-0-17-0; H Freeman 5-2-14-1; J Hawkins 7-3-20-3; S Spiegel 7-3-20-0; L Maysey 7-0-19-2; M Barnes 5-1-15-1.
Match drawn.


Rob's Long Run

TWCC team members have, since Rob joined the club, been priveleged to drop chances off Rob's fast, accurate, swinging and generally unplayable bowling, but it is with some sadness that the Gazette has to report the end of an era. We have, since Rob joined us, been given a glimpse of what pedigree cricket looks like, but from now on we are going to have to get used to Rob jogging in for a yard or two and bowling off spin, and dropping chances off that.
Of course Rob won't really be able to go through with this ludicrous plan.


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