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2018 Captain's Report

PLAYED 14  WON 5 DRAWN 5 LOST 4  CALLED OFF 4 (2017 P 17, W 8, D3, L 6, called off 3)

It’s been a slimmed-down season in the life of TWCC.  2 years ago we scheduled around 22 matches a year.  We took this down partly because of our own struggles filling the team sheet in particular in the holiday period of late July, early August – and partly because other teams were facing difficulties raising teams to play us.  So last year  we scheduled 20 matches (played 17) but this year we dropped to scheduling 18 matches but ended up playing just 14.  Whilst we managed to field full sides on most days, it is – by common consent – too little cricket!  Once we’d toured, we played just one match in July and August.  Two of the matches fell victim to unfortunate rainstorms during an otherwise baking summer – the rest we had  removed from the schedule. It’s encouraging that this is a trend we can reverse.
Our numbers are better.  We are securing a greater number of players we can call on to play occasionally – and we have one or two in the wings who we hope will become more regular – namely Graham Cuthbert and Rob Saunders.  Our cricket continues to be highly competitive and hard fought, yet friendly and richly enjoyable – and that makes people want to play for us.  I’m convinced playing cricket for TWCC is a really good way of spending a Sunday afternoon – and I’m pleased to say that most times, most people get a bat or a bowl, which is crucial for full involvement. So with all this in mind, we will be aiming to increase the number of matches we play this coming season, particularly filling some of the gaps in July and August.
And what a season it’s been – one of the most memorable in recent history for the number of highly exciting matches going right to the wire.  Greys, Bolney, Jevington, Exiles, Bournemouth, Balcombe – and a number of others highly competitive, with great performances.  A great tour – a really great tour – which marked our 125 anniversary  in suitable style – and a mostly glorious hot summer.
I’d like to thank Matt for his excellence as vice captain.  He knows the club and the players and has the perfect touch on the tiller when he’s in charge.  I think he felt the strain in September when matches were on but numbers sparse but well done to him for getting teams out and turning out great team performances – not to mention some excellent individual bowling performances.  My thanks also to Joe who took to fixtures secretary like a fish takes to a hook:  it looks fun and attractive at first, but then you can’t escape it.  Well done Joe for taking it on and especially for those late matches you found us – Jevington and Headliners.  Thank you also to Paul for his excellence in keeping us in the black and looking after all things financial and to Jim for his brilliant website and write ups – I think I speak for all of us to say his reports are brilliantly entertaining for us and also for the away teams who also enjoy them.  Thanks also to our President Dave Jones for continuing to look for unlikely ways to finance a new pavilion and to our oldest and most revered player Dave Rogers without whom no tour would be complete.
Congratulations to Jim for accepting the invitation to step up to opener, and making a huge success of it.  If TWCC had a player of the year, we’d look no further because his performances were magnificent for their `openingness`! We’ve also seen some great individual performances especially with the bat – Paul’s 100 vs Crescent a spectacular example – and some great partnerships – Jim and Rob’s 188 vs Bolney comes to mind.  The season was full of champagne moments – Matt Brock’s 4 to win the match vs Balcombe, the winning draw vs Exiles, beach cricket in Bournemouth….
I am sorry to report that Malcolm Woodall who turned out for us a couple of times has died – my condolences to his family. It was also a year when we lost Roger Hole, formerly the captain of Albourne and Sayers Common, well known to all.
Finally I’d like to say I continue to love captaining the side, I’m loving my cricket as much as I ever have and for that I have you all to thank:  a bunch of guys as diverse as you could ask for, cricket loving, fun loving, piss-taking, belly aching, whinge, whine, gloriously life on the line, one for all and all for one – you’re a great bunch.

Richard Brock – Captain, Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club.

Early batting form for Tony as we draw with Streat, an exciting `anyone could win in the last over` draw vs Greys,  a closer defeat than we deserved at Lindfield,  followed by a 20 run win vs Bolney where Ed and Matt bowled us home.
A bit of a hammering vs Jevington though their sportsmanship allowed us to get within 17 runs, a fantastic match vs Exiles which we put down as a winning draw – who can forget Paul’s extraordinary catch running in from the boundary in the last over.  A convincing win vs Unity took us to tour, which was all round brilliant.  Aside from great nights out, we had a last ball win vs Bournemouth CC and the cracking win vs Balcombe from Matt’s 4.  Our only other match in July was a good hiding from a revitalised Headliners team at baking Cuckfield.
A terrific win at Crescent thanks to Paul’s 100 and his great stand with Tom Firth contributing his fine 47, a cliff-hanging loss v Parham, and finally tight draws against Bolney and Beamers.

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