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TWCC v Bolney CC
September 16th 2018
Match Report R Brock

A lovely September day, the ground basking in warm sunshine, expertly cut by Edward in absence of the council – and a number of players suffering from the summer drought.  Not rain, but cricket, something that will be addressed next year. 
So TWCC fresh from their last ball defeat at the hands of 9 man Parham, began how they meant to go on – they lost the toss.  Skipper Brock was asked to bat by Bolney, and decided that he and Jim were the ones to open proceedings.    Yet another decision that got away, as he chipped a ball back to Dave Chaffey in the 8th over.  Little were we to know that that was the only TWCC wicket we would see fall during the course of the afternoon.  Rob came in to join the sound and sensible Jim – and he batted, well, soundly and sensibly too.  With a minimum fuss, these two disciplined and talented batsmen stroked the ball around the ground, the scoreboard purring quietly.  It should be said the running was gentle in nature – if not languid – but Rob was coming back from a triple  ligament severance horror and Jim’s somewhat leisurely running  has long been the subject of discussion in this forum.  Anyway, not even tongue in cheek humour should be allowed to draw attention from the enormity of batting that was underway.  Two chanceless innings took the score to 60 after the first hour and continued at a run a minute through the welcome drinks interval and into the last hour.  It was then that the pair started to open up, yet do so without throwing caution to the wind.  Jim passed his 50 with a single, Rob with a 4 – but it was not our swashbuckling Blue who swatted away the game’s first 6, it was Jim.  With half an hour left, the score passed 150 and there was a heated argument on the sidelines about the adherence to that ancient TWCC tradition of not telling the batsmen their score.  Skipper Brock argued they should be told.  Vice Skipper Edwards argued against, and garnered the support of the majority of the feet-uppers in the pavilion.  So they continued.  Rob in fact displayed the remarkable ability to count his own score whilst going along – and was only out by 1.  He also told Jim he was in his 70s – something he helped to pass by with a quick single going for 4 overthrows.   As the last over  began, Rob was graciously trying to get Jim on strike, Jim was powering into the 90s – the score was above 200.  But centuries were not to be, Jim finished on a career best 93 not out, with Rob languishing on 83 not out.  The score was 209-1.  It felt a very secure platform. 
Tea was provided mainly by Matt’s nan, and very nice it was too, homemade brownies and lemon drizzle cake, lovely….
And so it was as the clock approached 4pm, we took to the field determined to skittle out Bolney.  But before that we had to sort out one little problem:  who was to keep wicket?  Joe bravely volunteered – we will find out how bravely later.   Matt and Ed opened up, and looked good and fast.  In his second over, Matt flattened the middle stump of one of the openers, followed up in very similar fashion in his third over.  Ed followed up with a sharp ball which resulted in the batsman sending the ball high in the air.  If there was any calling it was quiet – and confused.  Joe’s name rang out but it was Ed who ran forward and completed a caught and bowled.   Bolney 28-3 – which became 28-4 after Ed bowled their number 4 next over.  But Bolney’s 5 and 6 – Elliott and Steve Bowles – settled in and looked secure straight away.  The openers had no joy over the next 6 overs and so Charlie Howes was brought on to see if he could weave through their defence.  He couldn’t.  Tom Rydon looked good, had a hard chance shelled in the slips (Sorry, Ed.) and was bowling fast.  Good job Joe had gloves on…. Oh.  Joe took a fast ball on the finger and rolled around, his face gnarled by the agony which surged through his hand.  He got up, manfully, only to receive another ball, this time on the end of his middle finger, in the same over.  That was it.  As his regularly used finger swelled up with blood under the nail, Joe called it a day and headed for A and E – where he was diagnosed with a fracture.    Matt took over and looked comfortable behind the stumps .
But none of this drama helped take wickets.  Honse was unlucky (sorry, Ed), the skipper had a hard skier dropped but otherwise bowled appallingly, and all the time, Bolney powered on.  With 20 overs left they were on 66-4.  Ten overs later they were on 133-4, following a rather expensive over of 16 by Edward, encouraged by the skipper to `lob it up` - but not that bloody much!!!  Anyway, the process of trying to take 6 wickets suddenly changed to one of not throwing away the match.  Bolney impressively brought the rate down to  below 8 an over with 6 overs left – so the openers were asked to return and save the day.  Which they did.  The scoring rate fell dramatically as Elliott and Bowles struggled to smack Matt and Ed away with the ease they had Richard and Edward.  With the reins tightened, Matt removed Elliott for 86 in the penultimate over and Bolney finished on 186-5 – match drawn.  We retired to the Oak with both teams satisfied. 

Bolney won the toss and asked TWCC to bowl
TWCC Innings: J Simon Not out 93; R Brock Ct and Bld D Chaffey 6; R Rydon Not out 83. TOTAL 209-1
Fall 21-2
DNB: M Edwards, E Bunn, T Rydon, J Panther,  E Howes, H Karvay, C Howes, P Steinke.
Bolney Bowling: Patton: 8-0-27-0, Madden 5-0-33-0, Chaffey 7-3-16-1, Bowles 10-0-49-0, Lake 2-0-15-0, Garside 4-0-28-0, Clemonson 2-0-16-0, Martin 3-0-22-0.
Bolney Innings: L MartinBld Edwards 8; A Lake Bld Edwards 5; M Garside Ct & Bld Howes 8; B Clemonson Bld Howes 3; B Elliott Bld Edwards 86; S Bowles Not out 52; O Bridge Not out     0. TOTAL  186-5         
Fall: 9-1, 18-2, 28-3, 28-4, 184-5   
TWCC Bowling: M Edwards 9-2-30-3, E Howes 10-4-28-2, C Howes 3-0-23-0, T Rydon 4-1-12-0, H Karvay 4-1-13-0, Brock 5-0-39-0, Bunn 3-0-30-0. 
Match drawn.

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