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Edward's Back!
Lindfield v TWCC 19th May 2019
Match report Jim Simon

Here at the Gazette we remember with some embarrasment last year's Lindfield fixture, not because TWCC were all out for 77 but because that was the write up entrusted to their then intern, Pete Tong, who wrote such monumentally mis-judged tosh that the Gazette, I fear, is still recovering from the almost terminal drop of circulation.
This, however, is a new season; Pete's long gone to write for the Mail, and this report will have none of the pseudo-gothic flummery that did nothing to disguise the fact that last year TWCC, batting first, were 77 all out. Surely this year would be different?
Skipper Brock won the toss and decided that TWCC would field first.
TWCC are blessed with a fine selection of youthful opening bowlers. On this occasion Matt E and Tom R it was who opened up, and, well, the afternoon was largely going to be all about batsmen not scoring runs and getting out whilst they didn't. Matt's figures of 8 overs for 10 runs, including 6 maidens with a wicket (Ct & Bld)  in his fourth over says it all. From the other end Tom, in his first over, bowled Lindfield's No. 2 and he went on to take two further wickets in his spell; one sharply caught behind by budding wicket-keeper Panther and one safely gathered in by TWCC's specialist mid-off in the shape of Brocky. Both catches remarkable in their own way. Well - in the same way, as it happens.
Reeling at 4 for 20 it was with some relief that Lindfield welcomed the first bowling change as, with a spell of 6 overs 3 for 11, Tom was taken off so he could concentrate even more on throwing himself about in the field. Lindfield's Hopkins (No. 4) and Kalser (No. 6) possibly felt that the pressure might be coming off and that they could relax a little. But, oh no!, it was another opening bowler who came on in the shape of Ed, and Hopkins was soon out LBW and Kalser was clean-bowled (I just typed clean-bowelled which is quite a different thing and is, thankfully, now difficult to prove). Ed wasn't finished, and his third wicket was thanks to another catch by Tom R. Tom was everywhere on the field, leaping about. Both Toms, and a few Matts and, actually, all TWCC's fielders gave a fielding performance that was very good indeed including,  yes, hanging on to all the catches! Tom (R) would have it that he dropped a catch at third slip, but that he got a hand to it at all was remarkable as he was horizontal at an altitude of several feet and travelling towards point at the time.
Matt B, a rarity in the fold but always eager and energetic, bowled five smart overs with only a little rust creeping in whilst he was remembering how to do it, and 12 runs off his 5 overs was a great way to start his 2019 season.
Honse bowled his usual mystery balls for two wickets (more great figures Honse); one bowled and one a catch taken by Joe whose 0-15mph performance is surely second to none. Another good catch - and what do catches do? Catches make for early tea, though Jim, who was hit for 6, spurned TWCC's new found confidence in catching by bowling the culprit next ball and ending the Lindfield innings.
The ball both swung and moved off the pitch, particularly downhill on the sideways slope, so batting wasn't easy and Lindfield's 90, especially if regarded in the light of TWCC's 2018 performance, might not prove to be as easy to overhaul as some might think.
Thank you to Lindfield for their tea (and general hospitality), and, with grey skies looming the early tea meant TWCC could begin their reply before any poor weather might breeze in.
Batting on the Lindfield slope is quite tricky. The home side must be used to it, but add in a bit of movement in the air and a good length ball is a dangerous thing. Over- or under-pitched deliveries can be dealt with, but on a good length and line, well, maybe 90 was a pretty good total? Jim played back to a ball landing about 8" outside the off stump and which in his mind was about to be punched into the off side, but it jigged across inside his bat and onto his pads; plumb LBW.
Lying awake at night Jim now plays forward to all balls like that. Over and over again...
With Jim gone someone else clearly had to occupy the crease without scoring and Skipper Brock set about this task with dogged determination and was almost completely successful through to the end of the game, only spoiling it right at the end by hitting a couple of fours and undoing all the good work.

Richard keeps another one out

Joe, who had been using his true eye to swipe balls to leg for three fours, rather hoiked one to mid-on and was caught, which brought Edward to the crease. Edward, fresh from an average-building not out the week before, looks more and more like the heyday Edward of yore; the Edward correct in defense, strong in attack is amongst us once more. Not that running is anasthma to Edward (there's always the opportunity for a quick single at the end of an over), but with ten 4's and a 6 to finish the game which took him to 53 not out, most of the running was done by the fielding side dashing off into the praries to get the ball back. Brocky and Edward, in a partnership of 72, took TWCC to victory. The Gazette's prized shot of the day award goes not to any of the big shots, but instead it goes to Edward's off-the-face-of-the-bat leg glance for a single to fine leg. It may have been the last ball of the over, but it was nonetheless a classy, crafted stroke. We do like a leg glance here at the Gazette, probably because no one in the office can play it.

Solid TWCC performers

Last year it was TWCC that didn't really compete, and this year it was Lindfield's turn. TWCC's bowling was especially mean, and the fielding backed it up, but it was difficult to gauge what total would prove to be a good target. The challenges of batting on a sideways slope are being more fully understood by TWCC on each visit and the feeling that both sides have is that the fixture is competitve, and is certainly enjoyable, so we look forward to seeing how the chips fall in 2020.

TWCC won the toss and Richard chose to field first.
Lindfield Innings: W Fuller C&Bld M Edwards 5; L Kaye Bld T Rydon 0; C Burton Ct R Brock Bld T Rydon 1; B Hopkins LBW E Howes 18; M Manwering Ct Panther (wk) Bld T Rydon 1; J Kalser Bld E Howes 12; T Richardson Bld H Karvay 14; J Armand Ct T Rydon Bld E Howes 4; M Cook Ct Panther (wk) Bld H Karvay 1; A Parsons Bld J Simon 18. DNB R Green. Extras 15 (B-9, LB-1, W-3, NB-2) Total 90 all out (32 overs).
TWCC Bowling: M Edwards 8-6-10-1; T Rydon 6-1-11-3; E Howes 7-1-19-3; M Brock 5-0-12-0; H Karvay 3-1-9-2; J Simon 3-0-13-1.
TWCC Innings: J Simon LBW T Richardson 2; J Panther Ct, Bld R Green 17; R Brock not out 9; E Bunn not out 53. DNB T Firth, M Edwards, T Rydon, E Howes, H Karvay, M Brock. Extras 10 (B-5, W-4, NB-1) Total 91 for 2 (20 overs-ish).
Lindfield Bowling: R Green 9-2-26-1; T Richardson 4-1-21-1; M Manwering 2-1-10-0; L Kaye 3.1-0-24-0; J Armand 1-0-1-0.
TWCC win by 8 wkts.


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