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TWineham - Home Game
Deep in the hinterland behind the South Downs, there is a haven of traditional, gentlemanly and thoroughly sportsmanlike Sunday cricket.
Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club have been entertaining Mid Sussex for well over a hundred years, and hope to be going strong in another hundred years, most likely with many of the current players.
This longevity is a tribute both to the health-giving properties of their renowned toilet complex, and to their active youth policy which sees several players competing well after they should know better. Indeed, though neither Dave is mentioned by name, John Major in his book on the history of the game, tells of a "very strong club at Ockenden Farm between the villages of Cowfoeld and Twineham  playing between 1798 and 1811. At a match in August 1807 the "County" shows Cowfold and Twineham with "Silver Billy" Beldham in its team, as well as the famous all-rounder William Lambert and the long-hitting civil servant EH Budd, one of the leading amateur batsmen of the day. The Cowfold and Twineham club disappears in 1811 without apparent reason, and was never reformed."
Not reformed with Cowfold, maybe, but as Twineham and Wineham our club has been putting ball on bat for over a hundred years, and we hope shortly to bring the history of this club to these pages. All I know at this stage, and I am a relative newcomer to the club, is that one night in the pub the club was formed out of seperate Twineham and Wineham Cricket Clubs, and we've never looked back. (By which I mean... we're still at the pub.)

Why not take a look at theTwineham and Wineham Cricket Club Gazette?The Gazette, together with it's impressive archive of match reports, provides the uninterested surfer with a perfect excuse to browse elsewhere or even to go and make a cup of coffee or even talk to the family.

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TWCC's ground features an artificial wicket. Unfortunately we can not use spikes and ask all players to wear zero-spike footwear. Thank you.

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